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Comparative leadership development

Sutton, Anthea & Haglund, Lotta, 2017. Partners for leadership exchange? Report of an explorative session at ICML + EAHIL 2017 in Dublin.  Journal of EAHIL, 13(3), p. 17-23. Available from:  [Accessed 26 September 2017].

This fascinating article from Anthea Sutton and Lotta Haglund reports a session from the recent ICML + EAHIL [International Congress on Medical Librarianship and European Association of Health Information and Libraries] conference on comparative leadership development for libraries.   Anthea and Lotta share experiences from Belgium, Ireland, Norway, the UK and an International Organisation (WHO).  The article references the strategic leadership development work of Knowledge for Healthcare.

The full text is available as Open Access.

Knowledge & Information Management embraced by CILIP

The information world as we know it is changing at an ever increasing pace, and it is only right that we as a profession maintain increasingly relevant and up to date in our contribution to it.  As Knowledge, Information and Library professionals we feel we are the right people to put the “I” back into “IT”.  We all know that an information system is only as good as the information that has been put in it, and has to have been designed based around what is actually required for it to be effective.

As established and experienced health information professionals, you will be very aware of this – and many of you may be even more K&IM focussed than many of us are currently. It is only right therefore that we help provide you with the professional support you need to make your career a success, and we hope that you will help up us within CILIP to respond adequately to this challenge.

CILIP has been looking at its way forward in the realm of knowledge & information management for a couple of years, and a lot of initial preparatory work has been done by some very committed individuals to look at how we should be engaging in this area.  A number of us have been working in K&IM for years and have been keen to see CILIP develop relevant professional activity.

During 2016, it was decided that a new specialist interest group should be established to take this work forward, and champion the roles of knowledge & information managers.  I have been Chair of CILIP’s Information Services Group for several years and as a Group we decided that it would be right to help transform into this area to help take it forward.  I was appointed by CILIP as the inaugural Chair of the K&IM Group and the new group will be established in 2017.

From 1st January 2017, all CILIP members will be automatically offered free membership of the K&IM Group for the first two years to help get it established.  We hope that you will join us as up and coming professionals to see this area establish and develop; both within CILIP and more importantly in the wider workplace.

As part of the K&IM Committee structure, a sub group is to be created called “Information Services”.  This will include coordinating the work of K&IM Awards.  Two regional groups (London/South East and East of England) will also be active to provide support work at a more local level.  The other main objectives for 2017 will be based around establishing the identity of the K&IM Group, Communication, Events and identification of training needs for members.

The K&IM Committee has agreed that they would like a journal to be published. The next edition of ISG’s journal “Refer” will be dedicated to K&IM issues and then after that the future direction will hopefully have been decided – including any name change.

We do hope that you will be able to join us as a member of the CILIP K&IM community.  This can be either as an existing CILIP member or as a member of the K&IM group alone.  Further details are available from myself as Chair.

So much will need to be done that you can help with.  This could be writing some articles for our K&IM journal about your experiences and findings, helping to organise a K&IM event, helping with our website information, or even helping us research training needs.

Getting involved with K&IM on a voluntary basis though CILIP will help you in your career in several ways.  It is an excellent way of networking with link minded individuals, help you develop your experience if you are new to K&IM, and help you maintain a current knowledge of developments in the K&IM field.

If you feel that you can help with any of the above, or can think of how CILIP can become even more relevant to the K&IM profession, than please contact David Smith Director, DJS Management Solutions Limited (and Chair, K&IM National Committee)

David Smith


Knowledge for Healthcare: ten New Year resolutions

1) SIgn up for updates from the Knowledge for Healthcare Blog.  Really!!? You haven’t done this yet?

2) Look at the Learning Zone.  Time to kick start your year with a new skill or polish up an old one. Check out the Learning Zone.

3) Look for your inner leader.  There are two leadership courses being offered as part of Knowledge for Healthcare.  One for Senior Colleagues, one for Aspiring Leaders.  Could this be you?

4) Get involved.  Warm the hearts of colleagues who have been working hard on TaF, groups, leading projects and developing content.  Give feedback.  Complete those questionnaires. Volunteer.

5) Promote the Knowledge for Healthcare project within your organisation.  Write something for your blog, newsletter or website. Tell them about the Health Education England Knowledge for Healthcare policy statement.

6) Professional Knowledge and Skills Base [PKSB] for Health.  Do you have what it takes to work in healthcare libraries.  Of course you do. Why not check where your strengths and weakness are and complete the PKSB for Health?

7) Don’t hide your light (or end up being the last library service to produce an impact case study). Submit one here:

8) Help reduce duplication. Do you produce a Current Awareness Service which you’d be willing for others to adapt? Have you produced a promotional flyer or ‘how to guide’ which you’d be happy for others to build on? Share, with confidence that your work will be acknowledged and sharing will be reciprocated, under a Creative Commons Licence.

9) Explain the vision. Create an opportunity in your team to discuss Knowledge for Healthcare. Ask a colleague to research and present and aspect of KfH.

10) Share a promotional idea.  Do you have a novel or effective marketing technique that has worked for you that you can share?