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Professional Knowledge Skills Base for Health – a reminder

Professional Knowledge Skills Base (PKSB) for Health
Launched just over a year ago, the PKSB for Health outlines the broad range of knowledge and skills required by librarians and knowledge specialists working in health.  It’s a key tool to help you understand your professional development needs and to showcase your knowledge and skills to colleagues and managers. 

Who can access the PKSB for Health?
The PKSB for Health is available to all NHS Library Staff.  Download the full PKSB for Health. You will need to enter your password for the Library Services website.  CILIP members may access the PKSB for Health via the CILIP website.

Need a New Year’s resolution?
Why not put completing the PKSB for Health at the top of your New Year’s resolutions?  Let the PKSB provide the evidence your need to make choices about planning your professional development in 2018.

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#ukmedlibs Development Needs Analysis chat

For their November chat, #ukmedlibs, the Twitter-based professional development network, ran a chat on the Knowledge for Healthcare Development Needs Analysis published in July 2017.

The chat transcript and analytics are now available, if you couldn’t take part, and the report itself [MSWord] is also online.

One question that came up in the chat was why the exercise is now called the Development Needs Analysis (DNA), rather than the Training Needs Analysis (TNA). We felt that the broader term better represented the range of ongoing professional development activity.

Comparative leadership development

Sutton, Anthea & Haglund, Lotta, 2017. Partners for leadership exchange? Report of an explorative session at ICML + EAHIL 2017 in Dublin.  Journal of EAHIL, 13(3), p. 17-23. Available from:  [Accessed 26 September 2017].

This fascinating article from Anthea Sutton and Lotta Haglund reports a session from the recent ICML + EAHIL [International Congress on Medical Librarianship and European Association of Health Information and Libraries] conference on comparative leadership development for libraries.   Anthea and Lotta share experiences from Belgium, Ireland, Norway, the UK and an International Organisation (WHO).  The article references the strategic leadership development work of Knowledge for Healthcare.

The full text is available as Open Access.