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New guides on NHS Information Standard

The Patient and Public Information Task & Finish Groups have published a new guide in partnership with NHS England and The Information Standard (TIS).

The guide has been produced to increase awareness and confidence around the standards required when producing and commissioning health information.

It presents the 6 principles of The Information Standard and gives examples of how some library and knowledge services are already supporting production or commissioning of health information in their organisations.

The guide is not intended to help you and your organisation apply for The Information Standard. It is about highlighting examples of good practice which are already in place across the NHS.

Additional resources to support best practice around health information are also available via The Information Standard website.

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Dan Livesey
Knowledge Service Manager, Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust.

Public Health “toolkit”

This resource has been compiled to help NHS-funded library and knowledge services (LKS) seeking to provide services and support to public health staff based in local authority teams.

The Health and Social Care Act 2012 transferred statutory responsibility for provision of local public health services from the NHS to local authorities.  Every County Council, Unitary Authority and London Borough has a Director of Public Health (DPH) and their staff are local government employees.  A list of DPH’s and local authorities with public health responsibilities is here.

In February 2017, an estimated 10% of these teams were supported by in-house information professionals, whilst 36% had funded SLAs with NHS LKS for professional support, but over 40% did not, as far as we are aware, have any arrangement in place.

Contents include:

What do local public health staff do?

When might local public health practitioners need access to evidence?

What evidence might local public health practitioners require?

What is the relationship between local public health teams, CCGs and STPs?

What is the role of the Public Health England Knowledge and Library Service team?

How can PHE KLS support NHS LKS?

The lis-publichealth mailing list

What is available to local public health staff without charge?

Sample service specification

Options for service delivery

Charging for services

Further information:

Please contact:

Wendy Marsh, Public Health England

Helen Bingham, Heatl Education England South

New guidance for Library Assistants on Providing Health Information to Patients and the Public

The Patient and Public Information Task & Finish Groups have published some new Guidance for library assistants

This guidance has been produced to increase the confidence of  library assistants and support them to provide information to patients and the public.

It includes answers to a number of frequently asked questions such as:

  • What should I do if the patient is upset?
  • Can patients use our computers?
  • Can I photocopy articles for a patient or member of the public?

This guidance should be used in conjunction with the main PPI guidance, particularly the advice on Dealing with enquiries . Library Managers are encouraged to use it as a staff development and training resource, rather than as a standalone document. A few ideas for incorporating the guidance into team development activities:

  • Create role playing scenarios
  • Ask staff to work through local answers to some of the FAQs e.g. identify local public library service webpage
  • Discuss at team meetings or as part of an Away Day

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Natasha Howard
Library Manager, Aubrey Keep Library