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Inductions: death by Powerpoint or jumpstart into a new working life?

Staff induction: we’ve all been there…endless slide presentations, hours of information you’ll never remember (much less use), weak coffee in a Styrofoam cup and half a biscuit, if you’re lucky!  Does it really have to be this way?

Of course not!

Whether you are looking for inspiration to bring life into your own inductions for library users or struggling to work out what to include in your own library staff inductions then do have a look at two brand new sections on the Learning Zone.

Under Generic Skills – Marketing and Promotion we have a new section called Tips for Library Inductions which has been produced by the West Midlands Trainers Group and works as a “pick and mix” of ideas for more engaging library inductions for users.  Case studies, tips and checklists to ensure your users will never drop off to sleep again!

And over in Career Pathway and Vocational Skills we have created a new topic area called Inductions for LKS Staff which covers some of the basics to consider when putting together an induction programme for your shiny new library staff member.

And if you have an induction resource you would like to share, then please let us know by submitting it to the Learning Zone using our online feedback form or via Twitter @KfHLearningZone

Sian Aynsley: Learning Zone Chair

Knowledge for Healthcare: ten New Year resolutions

1) SIgn up for updates from the Knowledge for Healthcare Blog.  Really!!? You haven’t done this yet?

2) Look at the Learning Zone.  Time to kick start your year with a new skill or polish up an old one. Check out the Learning Zone.

3) Look for your inner leader.  There are two leadership courses being offered as part of Knowledge for Healthcare.  One for Senior Colleagues, one for Aspiring Leaders.  Could this be you?

4) Get involved.  Warm the hearts of colleagues who have been working hard on TaF, groups, leading projects and developing content.  Give feedback.  Complete those questionnaires. Volunteer.

5) Promote the Knowledge for Healthcare project within your organisation.  Write something for your blog, newsletter or website. Tell them about the Health Education England Knowledge for Healthcare policy statement.

6) Professional Knowledge and Skills Base [PKSB] for Health.  Do you have what it takes to work in healthcare libraries.  Of course you do. Why not check where your strengths and weakness are and complete the PKSB for Health?

7) Don’t hide your light (or end up being the last library service to produce an impact case study). Submit one here:

8) Help reduce duplication. Do you produce a Current Awareness Service which you’d be willing for others to adapt? Have you produced a promotional flyer or ‘how to guide’ which you’d be happy for others to build on? Share, with confidence that your work will be acknowledged and sharing will be reciprocated, under a Creative Commons Licence.

9) Explain the vision. Create an opportunity in your team to discuss Knowledge for Healthcare. Ask a colleague to research and present and aspect of KfH.

10) Share a promotional idea.  Do you have a novel or effective marketing technique that has worked for you that you can share?

Leadership – time to step up

Look around any meeting of Health Care Librarians and you will see a fair number of grey heads.  What will happen when they all retire?  Who are the leaders of the future?  It might be you.   Knowledge for Healthcare aims to develop leadership talent and to ensure continuity of senior leadership capability for the health care library sector.   There are two courses on offer, the Leadership Development Programme and the Senior Leadership Development Programme.

Sorry, can you just read the small print first?

Applicants can only apply for one programme.  If you would like to apply for either course please take the time to read the briefing documents very carefully and to discuss your application with your manager.

Leadership Development Programme

“[The] course has given me more self-confidence as a leader and the confidence to start putting things into practice”

Delivered in partnership with CILIP, on behalf of Health Education England, the programme is designed to strengthen your capability to lead the ambitious changes envisioned by the Knowledge for Healthcare project.   The Leadership Development programme is currently  recruiting a second cohort. Twenty four librarians participated in the first cohort.

Who is it for?

The programme is targeted at mid-career professionals.  The programme is tailored specifically for healthcare librarians and knowledge specialists who work for the NHS. Applications are welcome from all levels of experience. However, you will benefit most from the programme if you have some leadership experience and are looking to build on this for the future.

HEE/Leadership Academy Knowledge for Healthcare Senior Leadership Development Programme

This programme is delivered by the NHS Leadership Academy, on behalf of Health Education England. It is designed to strengthen your ability lead the ambitious changes set out by Knowledge for Healthcare. There are 15 places on offer.

Who is it for?

This programme is for you if you are a senior healthcare librarian or knowledge specialist already leading a service, team or network, and wish to develop and strengthen your effectiveness as a leader. The programme is primarily intended for those who work for the NHS. You will need a minimum of three years leadership experience, to want to make a difference through your work, to reach your full potential, to widen your portfolio and to aspire to career progression to a more senior role.

How to apply?

You should email your application sending your CV, a 1000 to 1500 word personal statement and letter of support from your manager by Friday 27th January 2017 at 5pm by email to  See the briefing documents for further details:

Knowledge for Healthcare- Leadership Development Programme [pdf]
Knowledge for Healthcare- Senior Leadership Development Programme [pdf]