Knowledge for Healthcare: ten New Year resolutions

1) SIgn up for updates from the Knowledge for Healthcare Blog.  Really!!? You haven’t done this yet?

2) Look at the Learning Zone.  Time to kick start your year with a new skill or polish up an old one. Check out the Learning Zone.

3) Look for your inner leader.  There are two leadership courses being offered as part of Knowledge for Healthcare.  One for Senior Colleagues, one for Aspiring Leaders.  Could this be you?

4) Get involved.  Warm the hearts of colleagues who have been working hard on TaF, groups, leading projects and developing content.  Give feedback.  Complete those questionnaires. Volunteer.

5) Promote the Knowledge for Healthcare project within your organisation.  Write something for your blog, newsletter or website. Tell them about the Health Education England Knowledge for Healthcare policy statement.

6) Professional Knowledge and Skills Base [PKSB] for Health.  Do you have what it takes to work in healthcare libraries.  Of course you do. Why not check where your strengths and weakness are and complete the PKSB for Health?

7) Don’t hide your light (or end up being the last library service to produce an impact case study). Submit one here:

8) Help reduce duplication. Do you produce a Current Awareness Service which you’d be willing for others to adapt? Have you produced a promotional flyer or ‘how to guide’ which you’d be happy for others to build on? Share, with confidence that your work will be acknowledged and sharing will be reciprocated, under a Creative Commons Licence.

9) Explain the vision. Create an opportunity in your team to discuss Knowledge for Healthcare. Ask a colleague to research and present and aspect of KfH.

10) Share a promotional idea.  Do you have a novel or effective marketing technique that has worked for you that you can share?

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