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High Profile Health Libraries: An Advocacy Toolkit for Health Libraries

The advocacy toolkit for NHS Library & Knowledge Services (LKS) has been produced as a reference tool for use by all LKS staff, and particularly for those working within or providing services for the NHS. There are a number of references and links which may be of use to LKS staff working within the wider health context. The toolkit can be used as and when required and there is no rigorous order which you need to follow. [Last checked: 7/7/17]


Thing 16: Advocacy, Speaking Up For the Profession and Getting Published [23 Things for Professional Development]

23 Things’ blog post focusing on advocacy. [Last checked: 7/7/17]

Knit One, Purl One: Advocating For Libraries the Knitterly Way [Girl on the Moon Blog]

Blog on advocating for libraries using knitting! [Last checked: 7/7/17]


Library Advocacy Unshushed

Free MOOC run by University of Toronto. [Last checked: 7/7/17]


Perrier, L et al (2014) Effects of Librarian-Provided Services in Healthcare Settings: a Systematic Review in Journal of the Medical Informatics Association

Article assessing effects of librarian-provided services in healthcare settings on patient, healthcare provider, and researcher outcomes. [Last checked: 7/7/17]


Imrana Ghumra

Health Libraries East of England lead with specialism in advocacy. [Last checked: 7/7/17]


Mapping the LKS Workforce

In 2014, Edinburgh Napier University was commissioned to undertake major research to map the workforce across the Library, Archives, Records, Information and Knowledge Management Services and related professions in the UK. This research has helped CILIP and ARA to better understand the sector so that we can monitor trends in the workforce, advocate on behalf of the sector, develop relevant and robust policies, and to develop better and targeted services. [Last checked: 7/7/17]

Value of trained information professionals (CILIP)

In 2015, CILIP commissioned the University of Salford to undertake a piece of research to identify what evidence exists to support the employment of trained and professionally registered library, information and knowledge professionals. This report identifies trained information professionals in all sectors contribute positively to the aims and objectives of the organisations they serve. [Last checked: 7/7/17]

Beyond Books: What It Takes To Be a 21st Century Librarian [Guardian]

Article from the Guardian exploring librarian careers in the 21st century. [Last checked: 7/7/17]


American Library Association (ALA) Advocacy, Legislation and Issues

List of resources to advocate for libraries, US-focused. [Last checked: 7/7/17]

CILIP Advocacy and Campaigns

Advocates on issues relating to health and many other areas. [Last checked: 7/7/17]

Library A-Z

The Library A to Z is focused on free promotional and advocacy materials for use by libraries and their supporters, as well as a means of highlighting the economic and social value of libraries to politicians at both local and national levels to encourage continued investment. The key message highlights that modern library services are much more than buildings containing books. [Last checked: 7/7/17]