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Cameron, E. and Green, M. (2015) Making Sense of Change Management: a Complete Guide to the Models ,Tools and Techniques of Organizational Change (4th ed) Kogan Page << check your library >>

Comprehensive coverage of the models, tools and techniques of successful change management with a focus on individual, team and organizational change. [Last checked: 7/7/17]

Brettle, A. and Urquhart, C.J. (2012) Changing Roles and Contexts for Health Library and Information Professionals << check your library >>

Examines the evolving role of health professionals and explores the role they play in the context of where they work. [Last checked: 7/7/17]

Hayes J (2014) The Theory and Practice of Change Management (4th ed.) Palgrave Macmillan

Core textbook for all modules in Change Management, examines and applies all of the key theories on change to organisational settings [Last checked: 7/7/17]

O’Connor S (2015) Library Management in Disruptive Times Skills and knowledge for an uncertain future, Facet Publishing

Library Management in Disruptive Times identifies the key skills and attitudes needed by the library leaders of today and tomorrow and delivers a balanced view of the future of the profession [Last checked: 7/7/17]

Rowley J (2010) Being an Information Innovator, Facet Publishing

This groundbreaking book is the first to discuss and apply the rhetoric and theories of innovation and entrepreneurship in information organizations. [Last checked: 7/7/17]


Journal of Change Management

Publishes peer-reviewed case studies, reviews, conceptual contributions and empirical research of the highest quality. [Last checked: 7/7/17]

Journal of Organizational Change Management

Publishes papers which offer a detailed analysis and discussion on the philosophies and practices which underpin successful organizational change.  [Last checked: 7/7/17]

HILJ Virtual Issue: Transforming your service: the right evidence at the right time and place

To mark the 2016 Health Libraries Group (HLG) Conference, Health Information and Libraries Journal (HILJ) has published a virtual issue on the topic of “Transforming your service: the right evidence at the right time and place”. The virtual issue, edited by Anthea Sutton, contains articles and features published in HILJ in the past two years (2014-2016), on the theme of service transformation, and the related key strategic themes outlined in Knowledge for Healthcare (KFH). [Last checked: 7/7/17]


Deborah Dalley

Independent coach, facilitator and trainer with 25 years experience of individual and group development. [Last checked: 7/7/17]


The Structure of the NHS in England

This Library briefing provides an overview of the funding and accountability relationships under the new structure of the health service in England introduced by the Health and Social Care Act 2012, and an introduction to the roles of key organisations. [Last checked: 7/7/17]


CIPD: Change Management Resources

Factsheet on change management.  Requires registration for free account to view full resources. [Last checked: 7/7/17]