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Joy Palmer

UK-based coach specialising in leadership. [Last checked: 7/7/17]

Mind Tools Blog

Join in with these discussions, led by the Mind Tools Team, about tools and concepts that can help you transform the way you work – and your career. [Last checked: 7/7/17]

Thing 11: Mentoring (23 Things)

23 Things’ blog post focusing on mentoring. [Last checked: 7/7/17]


Rowan, S (2011) Brilliant Career Coach: How to Find and Follow Your Dream Career, Pearson Education << check your library >>

For anyone who wants to have a more fulfilling and successful work life, this coach-in-a-book will guide you step-by-step through the process of finding your ideal career. [Last checked: 7/7/17]

Slater, R (2012) Be Your Own Career Coach: The Toolkit You Need To Create the Career You Want, Pearson Education << check your library >>

Take control of your career, improve your employability, identify your unique brand and skill set and fast track your career to the next level. [Last checked: 7/7/17]


Skills Platform – Chapter 6: Developing Mentoring Skills

This chapter is all about supporting managers, mentors, JCP advisors, training providers and colleges to provide training and guidance to individuals who are interested in a career within the health sector, or who want to progress their current career in the health sector. This workshop will support individuals who want to be a mentor to: • Understand the differences between the role of the Mentor and the Manager • Develop the skills to become an effective mentor • Support long term career planning [Last checked: 7/7/17]

Social Media

#uklibchat Twitter Feed

Twitter hashtag used to discuss professional issues in libraries. [Last checked: 7/7/17]

#uklibchat on mentoring, coaching and leadership

Online discussion via Twitter which took place in November 2016 [Last checked: 7/7/17]


Centre for the Use of Research and Evidence in Education (CUREE)

CUREE is an internationally acknowledged centre of expertise in evidence-based practice in all sectors of education. They produce high quality research, CPD and tools and resources. [Last checked: 7/7/17]

Coaching and Mentoring Network

Everything you ever wanted to know about coaching and mentoring. [Last checked: 7/7/17]

CILIP Mentoring Page

Mentors support candidates working on Chartership, Certification and Fellowship. They understand the Professional Registration processes, are trained in mentoring skills and becoming a mentor can improve your ability to develop and nurture your own staff while learning new ideas and approaches from other professionals. [Last checked: 7/7/17]

CIPD Coaching and Mentoring

PDF factsheet covering coaching and mentoring. [Last checked: 7/7/17]

European Coaching and Mentoring Council (EMCC UK)

Lots of useful and thoughtful information about coaching and mentoring, to promote good practice and to educate and enable clients of coaching and mentoring to demand good practice. [Last checked: 7/7/17]

International Institute of Coaching and Mentoring (IIC&M)

You will find a plethora of information – whether it is about coaching or mentoring, about connecting with existing coaches and mentors, about finding an accredited coach/mentor training program or simply experiencing the latest in the field of coaching and mentoring. [Last checked: 7/7/17]

London Leadership Academy

A pan-London NHS leadership development organisation, working to support leaders across the Capital. Create time and space for leaders to learn together, creating connections across London and building networks, to enable them to deliver the best care possible to patients and service users.   Search “coaching” or “mentoring” for more resources. [Last checked: 7/7/17]

NHS Leadership Academy

Our purpose is to work with our partners to deliver excellent leadership across the NHS to have a direct impact on patient care. We offer a range of tools, models, programmes and expertise to support individuals, organisations and local academies to develop leaders, celebrating and sharing where outstanding leadership makes a real difference. [Last checked: 7/7/17]

OCM Group Ltd

International providers of coaching and mentoring qualifications and skills training for both organisations and individuals. [Last checked: 7/7/17]

Skills You Need

Produces and publishes high-quality, well researched and easy-to-read information about essential life skills. [Last checked: 7/7/17]