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Health Literacy (Society for Academic Primary Care)

UK resource by a special interest group of the Society for Academic Primary Care. Includes definitions, publications and news. [Last checked: 6/7/17]

The Literacy Place (NHS Education for Scotland)

Main source of health literacy resources in Scotland: lots of resources linked to this site. [Last checked: 6/7/17]

Local Action on Health Inequalities: Improving Health Literacy (Department of Health)

Guidance from the Department of Health. Comprehensive information on what is meant by health literacy, how it impacts on public health and methods of improvement. [Last checked: 6/7/17]

NHS Choices: Behind the Headlines News

Your guide to the science behind the news. Designed to help patients make sense of health media stories. [Last checked: 6/7/17]

National Library of Medicine: Health Literacy

National Library of Medicine resource. Includes definitions of health literacy and links to further resources. [Last checked: 6/7/17]

Royal College of General Practitioners: Health Literacy Report 2014

Report based on a workshop, good overview of topic, good practice and actions required. [Last checked: 6/7/17]