Health Information Week

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Health Information Week (HIW) is a multi-sector campaign to promote the good quality health resources that are available to the public. This campaign aims to encourage partnership working across sectors and benefit all staff and the public by raising awareness of the resources that are available to them.

More About Health Information Week – first full week of July:  #HIW2018 2-8th July 2018;

How can you get involved?

  • Follow the week’s events and join the campaign via Twitter: #HIW2018
  • Plan your own health information display or event –
  • Promote HIW to staff and public, even if you are not holding an event or display:
    • Use your own twitter account or ask your comms team to tweet about your own events and other local events to support your local peers – use #HIW2018
  • Prepare staff to signpost enquirers to good quality health information eg: promote the  NHS Choices Guide
  • Visit other events in your area and meet those involved to see if you might join forces next year
  • Collect information that will help to assess the impact of HIW eg: attendee numbers, number of enquiries, number of additional library subscribers, feedback from participants etc.