10 big questions for STPs. One big question for LKS.

You’re thinking “What? More acronyms?”

Don’t worry, all is explained. The NHS Five Year Forward View Shared Planning Guidance required every local health and care system in England to create a Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP). These will be place-based, multi-year plans built around the needs of local populations. STPs will drive transformation in health and care outcomes between 2016 and 2021.

To deliver these plans, NHS providers, CCGs, Local Authorities, and other health and care services have come together to form 44 STP ‘footprints’ (maps). The majority of STP Chairs have been appointed. Local Workforce Action Boards will be responsible for delivering four key pieces of work in the coming months including an action plan that proposes the necessary investment in workforce required to support delivery, and identifying sources of funds to enable its implementation.

Time is of the essence. STPs are working to a deadline of 30 June for submission of their full plans but before submitting the plans will have to go through local governance approval processes e.g. a health and wellbeing board or a Trust board.  This means the deadline for creating the plans is looking more like early June.

The 10 big questions for STPs are:-

  • How are you going to prevent ill health and moderate demand for healthcare?
  • How are you engaging patients, communities and NHS staff?
  • How will you support, invest in and improve general practice?
  • How will you implement new care models that address local challenges?
  • How will you achieve and maintain performance against core standards?
  • How will you achieve our 2020 ambitions on key clinical priorities?
  • How will you improve quality and safety?
  • How will you deploy technology to accelerate change?
  • How will you develop the workforce you need to deliver?
  • How will you achieve and maintain financial balance?

For more detail see The Big Question briefing.

The Big Question for Library and Knowledge Services to ask is “How can we help?”

  • What evidence, best practice and data is required by the STP?
  • Where do you need to focus to best support the health and care system?
  • How can we work together with neighbouring library and knowledge services to provide the best support, efficiently and effectively?

Sometimes several library services serve the organisations within a footprint. Some services span more than one STP. So, it’s important to discuss how to work and collaborate more closely to make Library and Knowledge Services an essential resource for the STPs.

The clock is ticking.  For colleagues just getting started this presentation, briefing and action planning grid, from a recent workshop in Cambridge is shared, simply as an introductory resource. We see that to make a difference, Library and Knowledge services need to act fast, making contact to offer and provide support to the STPs before plans are finalised.


Imrana Ghumra                                            Sue Lacey Bryant
Professional Advisor, LKS                       Senior Advisor, Knowledge for Healthcare
@imrana_g                                                    @SueLaceybryant

2 thoughts on “10 big questions for STPs. One big question for LKS.

  1. Some exciting opportunities are described here but I wonder if there will be a response nationally about this?

    With K4H, and the focus on collaborative working is it possible that a national response could be circulated to all library managers to help guide us so that we can then adapt for our local STP?

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