A Million Decisions

An ongoing joint initiative from Health Education England (HEE) and CILIP

Every day across the healthcare sector in England more than a million decisions are made a day that have a profound and lasting impact on people’s lives and which influence the quality of healthcare and the cost of services.

HEE and CILIP are campaigning for decisions in the healthcare sector to be fully evidence-based, calling on government and health service providers to employ and make use of the skills of librarians and knowledge specialists in meeting their obligations under The Health and Social Care Act 2012.

Under the Act, The Secretary of State for Health must ensure ‘the use in the health service of evidence obtained from research’. It also places a responsibility on Clinical Commissioning Groups and healthcare providers to make use of the best available evidence in their decision-making. Arms length bodies and those commissioning or influencing healthcare services have a responsibility to promote and monitor the use of evidence-based decision making.

The campaign  

HEE and CILIP are working together to support decision-makers and those delivering health services to meet their obligations under the Act, highlighting the multiple beneficial outcomes when government and health service providers work closely with librarians and knowledge specialists.

Take a look at our impact

Librarians and knowledge specialists have a real impact on the cost and quality of healthcare services, working with clinicians, service managers and those commissioning healthcare services.

We are encouraging all Library and Knowledge specialists to submit case studies that demonstrate the impact of NHS Library & Knowledge Services in England. Please submit a case study now. Reviewed case studies can be viewed here.

Use the Impact Vignette Template to create cards for your own case studies.

Support from senior leaders

Senior leaders across health care have supported our message.   

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If you know someone who would like to be featured in a national social card supporting #AMillionDecisions please contact your Regional Library and Knowledge Services Lead.

Use the social card template to gather endorsements from your own local health and care leaders.  Be clear on how the card and quotation will be used (published on websites, social media, used in reports and promotional materials).

Visit the CILIP website to find out more and support the campaign #amilliondecisions.