All the world’s a blog, and all the men and women merely bloggers (1)

That’s how it seems, isn’t it, a blog for everything, and everything in its blog?  But what if you are new to the art of blogging? Where on earth do you start? Enough of the questions, let’s get down to the answers!

First things first, take a look at some existing blogs and see what you think. Dip your toe in the water by posting a comment or two on someone else’s blog before attempting one yourself. This will help you find your voice and develop your style. You can be as relaxed and conversational as you like and let your creativity loose.

When you are ready to launch your blog, have a look on the internet. There are plenty of quick and easy blog templates to be found there and many of them are free. Think of a memorable name that you won’t get tired of and select a URL …web address to you and me…so people can find you.

Now, think about your audience. Who are they likely to be and what would you like them to know? Draw them in with a catchy headline and keep them interested with short, sharp paragraphs – 3 or 4 sentences max – separated by line spaces. Try not to cover too much ground.

Remember, this is writing for an online audience who will scan. Keep their eyes occupied so they don’t leave too soon. Your message should be brief and not too wordy. Who wants to read miles of text on a screen?

Lists are good!

  • So are Subheadings
  • and different fonts
  • and, as the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words.

Perhaps try your early posts out on a few friends and colleagues before you go live. Why not add some social media buttons? And take the time to respond to those who have posted their comments on your blog.

A word of caution, though. Be ethical! Take note of your Trust’s communication policy and keep within the guidelines. Never use someone else’s ideas without giving them due credit and always respect the privacy of others.

Have Fun!

Stella Rogers, Senior Library Assistant @Great Western Hospital, Swindon

(1) To paraphrase William Shakespeare

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