Building on good metrics

The Metrics Task and Finish Group is happy to able to share the results of their work looking at principles for good metrics.  You can read our report now on the TaF Reports page.

The goal of this report was to create a shared understanding of what makes a good metric.  Through examining practice within NHS libraries and elsewhere we agreed a set of four core requirements.

* Meaningful

* Actionable

* Reproducible

* Comparable

There is more detail about what each of these means in practice in the report so do give it a read.

To build on the report we now want to encourage the recognition, creation and sharing of good metrics.  To this end we have also prepared a Quality Metrics Template. This is a brief document that can help you structure your thinking as you consider a metric. It also provides the kind of information others would need to be able to see if your metric will also work in their setting.  Please do share your completed templates with us – you can drop them in an email to as we work out how best to present and share them.  Hopefully we should have some to share with you shortly.


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