Comparative leadership development

Sutton, Anthea & Haglund, Lotta, 2017. Partners for leadership exchange? Report of an explorative session at ICML + EAHIL 2017 in Dublin.  Journal of EAHIL, 13(3), p. 17-23. Available from:  [Accessed 26 September 2017].

This fascinating article from Anthea Sutton and Lotta Haglund reports a session from the recent ICML + EAHIL [International Congress on Medical Librarianship and European Association of Health Information and Libraries] conference on comparative leadership development for libraries.   Anthea and Lotta share experiences from Belgium, Ireland, Norway, the UK and an International Organisation (WHO).  The article references the strategic leadership development work of Knowledge for Healthcare.

The full text is available as Open Access.

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