Copyright Guidance – An Update

Recently we told you about the help that was available for copyright queries both by asking us directly ( and on the newly updated copyright guidance and FAQ pages (

Since then there have been two important updates.

Firstly, the CLA have updated their website producing a new page dedicated to the CLA Licence Plus for the NHS, reflecting the recent addition of the Royal Society of Medicine as a supplier of Copyright Fee Paid articles and including an integrated Permissions Checker. The new page is available at As before, the ‘Public Sector’ option should be chosen when checking permissions. The information available at has been updated to reflect this, adding a new guide clarifying when to order Copyright Fee Paid articles.

Secondly, a new page has been added to the guidance specifically to address copyright in NHS-Higher Education crossover situations. This follows the webinars presented on this subject by the CLA at the end of last year. The new page can be found at

Finally, remember if you have any copyright queries please email us at :

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