Current Awareness

Welcome to the Current Awareness/Alerting Services Directory

This has been developed to encourage and promote collaboration between library and knowledge services staff who are busy creating a wealth of current awareness and alerting services  and products for their users. We have added some examples in each of the sections so you can see how the directory works.

We would like to encourage you to:

Find a CAS/Alerting Bulletin

Check out what current awarenees or alerting products already exist by searching by topic on

Find a CAS/Alerting Scheme

Explore some of the current awareness or alerting schemes at

Find a CAS/Alerting Collaborator who has Knowledge to Share

See who already collaborates with others to provide current awareness or alerting services and perhaps see if you could also collaborate with them? Or could you do with some help or guidance on using tools (e.g. MailChimp) or some expertise (e.g. Grey Literature)? If so they why not have a look at:

Share with Pride! Contribute your own bulletins

Above all we want you to share what you do.

Please review the Best Practice Guidelines and then consider what you can add. We are using a controlled vocabulary to provide a degree of precision over recall  and recommend you select your terms from this list so you can then populate your entry at