Day 1 – Introduction: the ethos behind the Outcomes

With the development of the Library and Knowledge Services Quality and Improvement Outcomes Framework (Outcomes), quality assessment has moved away from process, standards and compliancy that drove the LQAF. The emphasis is now focused on improvement, development and delivery of service outcomes.

The Outcomes Framework has a dual role and has been designed and developed to:

•drive progress in library and knowledge service improvement leading to increased satisfaction for users of the services

•provide a tool for NHS organisations to ensure that library and knowledge specialists are providing a quality, high performing service that is continually developing and improving to meet the changing evidence and knowledge needs of organisations and individuals.

• The Outcomes are a key element of Health Education England’s (HEE) wider Quality Strategy and Framework, and all organisations holding an LDA with HEE will be required to provide a self evaluation against them.

For more information see this introductory presentation

Download and view the presentation, click once to reveal and again to find out more

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