Day 13 – Outcome 6

This outcome shows how library and knowledge specialists make a positive impact on the individuals and organisations which they serve.​

​It considers how effective library and knowledge specialists are in collecting evidence to show the impact of their services and looks at how this evidence is used to promote the service both internally and externally to stakeholders.​

Level 1:  Focuses on planning the process.  Data may be gathered in an impromptu way and may demonstrate personal rather than organisational impact.​  There may be a limited number of responses collected.​

Level 2: Focuses on developing a systematic approach quantitative and qualitative impact data collection for at least one service delivered.  Data collected will be used in promotional activities.

Level 3: Focuses on developing a more systematic approach to collection and evaluation of data across a range of the library’s services.  There will also be stakeholder endorsement in the form of attributable quotes.

Level 4: Focuses on senior stakeholders recognizing and vocalizing the value of library and knowledge specialists to the organization.  Impact data will be contributed to the national evidence base

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