Day 16 – What to expect from HEE

In the lead up to the self-assessment deadline (30th June 2020) HEE LKSL will help prepare services through the webinars and documentation we have already provided.

We will aim to provide additional assistance in response to local requirements and answer any questions which you might have about your services.

From July to October 2020 the regional LKS Leads teams will be working on validating your self evaluation and consistency checking our validations to ensure they are as equitable as possible.  Each self evaluation will be reviewed by two LKSL colleagues with access to an adjudicator if agreement cannot be reached.  You can view the flowchart for the process here.

Calibration 2020 will take place in November.  This will involve the senior LKS Leads and again ensure equity and consistency.

Finally in November/December 2020 you will receive the report back to the organisation reflecting your validated levels.

The template is available here so that you can see what to expect.

During 2021 we will offer further guidance on Action Planning and next steps

Download and view the presentation, click once to reveal and again to find out more

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