Day 2 – Pen Portraits

The self-assessment completed by organisations against the Outcomes will be validated by HEE’s Library and Knowledge Services Leads (LKSL).  In order to ensure the consistency of this validation process across the country, each self evaluation will be reviewed by a Lead from within the same region as the submission and a second lead from elsewhere in the country.  It is therefore likely that at least one of the validators will not be familiar with your service and the organisation’s it serves.

During the pilot it became clear that having some background details on the Library and Knowledge Service, and the organisation(s) served, was valuable to provide background in the validation process.

As a result of this the Pen Portrait template has been developed and adapted with input from a number of services across the country, including trials at Library Manager Meetings in the North and South regions.

We hope that you will find the template a useful guide to providing an overview of your service.

You can view the Pen Portrait Template here.

Download and view the presentation, click once to reveal and again to find out more

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