Day 3 – Outcome 1

This Outcome explores the extent to which library and knowledge specialists are investigating and supporting the evidence needs of the organisation(s) served and are embedded in organisational decision making.   It also assists the organisation to evaluate the level to which they are utilising the abilities of LKS specialists in ensuring organisational decision-making is evidence based.

Level 1:  A board member promotes the service; there is a budget, strategy and implementation plan which stakeholders have contributed to and which reflect organisational and Knowledge for Healthcare priorities.

Level 2: Strategic plans are regularly reviewed and evaluated by both LKS staff and organisational stakeholders.  Examples of changes and improvements made as a result of the review can be demonstrated.

Level 3: Senior stakeholders actively participate in service reviews and the organisation is open to business cases for LKS improvements and developments.  Positive impact can be demonstrated.

Level 4: Champions and advocates routinely promote the LKS, which is embedded in organisational planning  and processes.  The LKS can demonstrate flexibility in responding to changing priorities.

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