Day 5 – Outcome 2

This Outcome explores the extent to which organisations are utilising the skills of Library and Knowledge Specialists in providing the evidence base for their decision making

Level 1:  LKS Specialists support management and clinical decision making.  There are plans in place to support one or more teams with their knowledge and evidence needs, or to help capture and share organisational knowledge.

Level 2: LKS Specialists are working with one or more teams to support their knowledge and evidence needs, and are using tools and techniques to mobilise evidence and organisational knowledge to support service delivery in the organisation(s).

Level 3: LKS Specialists are working routinely with senior stakeholders to review and evaluate their requirements.  There is evidence of working with the Board and of some board decisions being influenced by the evidence provided

Level 4: The Board and other senior stakeholders routinely use evidence provided by Library and Knowledge Specialists in their decision making.  There is innovative practice evident in the mobilisation of evidence and knowledge.

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