Day 7 – Outcome 3

This Outcome explores how library and knowledge specialists deliver proactive stakeholder and user focused library and knowledge services.

Level 1:  LKS Specialists identify the needs of users and consider changes in response to these requests.  Feedback is collected and promotion of the service takes place.

Level 2: LKS Specialists understand the needs of different user groups and develop user profiles which inform the marketing plan.  Services are provided to take into account individuals and groups with differing aptitudes or abilities.

Level 3: LKS Specialists customise their services based on consultation with users and non users.  These services are continually reviewed and refined to improve their effectiveness.  User journey mapping is used to improve services.

Level 4: User expectations for a personalised service are balanced against competing demands.  Advances in technology and innovation are used to improve the services offered to users.

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3 thoughts on “Day 7 – Outcome 3

  1. I’m just wondering if there are any tools or tips that are recommended for creating the user profiles and journeys?

    1. Hi Heather

      Thank you for the question.

      We anticipate that many colleagues will be asking a similar question and will therefore have included training on user profiles / user journeys in their response to the recent Development Needs Analysis so that it is prioritised in the CPD offering in 2020/21

      We will also be looking to include some links on the KfH Learning Zone

      In the meantime you may find the following useful

      1. As many libraries are now offering virtual services or click and collect hybrid models due to the pandemic, can this user journey mapping be through the digital space?

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