Day 9 – Outcome 4

This Outcome explores the requirements for suitable qualified library and knowledge specialists, with the relevant skills mix, in optimum numbers to deliver an evolving service.  This includes working in partnership with colleagues from other library and knowledge services where appropriate.

Level 1:  A qualified Library and Knowledge Specialist leads the service and manages staff.  Staff skills and capacity are considered in service planning and all staff undertake CPD

Level 2: Strengths and weaknesses relating to the skills and capacity of the LKS team have been identified with steps taken to address any issues or resolve temporary issues.  Staff reflect on the CPD that is undertaken.

Level 3: The skills and capacity of the LKS team are regularly reviewed against the strategy and implementation plan and changes are planned in detail.  Appropriate technologies are explored and learning from CPD is used to improve services.

Level 4: LKS staff have the capacity and skills to deliver the required services and their roles are redesigned according to service need.

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