Development Needs Analysis 2019

Help us plan our future CPD programme for you – the 2019 Library and Knowledge Services Development Needs Analysis Survey is now live and can be accessed by clicking here.  We need every member of the library and knowledge services team to complete it.

The survey runs until 30th November 2019.

Tell us what your development needs are and how you would prefer those needs to be met.

The 2017 Development Needs analysis was a great success with a record number of respondents (758). Crucially it created a rich data-set that allowed Health Education England to support your development at local, regional and national levels We ran a whole range of courses including measuring value and impact, and synthesising and summarising evidence.

Just to emphasise – we need everyone to complete the 2019 survey so that we can plan programmes over the next two years. We look forward to seeing what you say.

Many thanks

David Stewart

Lead for Workforce Planning and Development

3 thoughts on “Development Needs Analysis 2019

  1. I will be talking about the role of AI and libraries at the upcoming Internet Librarian conference in October. I want to address some of the ethical issues and also the role library data might have. While much of my focus is academic libraries I think it will be relevant to other sectors. There are already AI library discovery tools like Yewno for example

  2. I would be very interested in any courses that cover emerging technologies and how they may affect or help us in our roles.
    It would also be interesting to do something on doing research for ourselves – i.e research y the library community to disseminate within the library community and to the wider world.
    Anything on the coming impact of Artificial Intelligence & the ethics around that could be good.

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