Evaluation Framework – Related Workstreams

Related Workstreams

The work led by the Quality and Impact Working Group (QIG) supports the evidence requirements for the Evaluation Framework.

Value and Impact Toolkit 

Impact evidence will be required to demonstrate delivery of the outcomes in the framework.  The toolkit will be key in developing this evidence.


The Evaluation Framework includes a range of metrics that provide indicators of how effective the implememntation of Knowledge for Healthcare is. The principles of good metrics developed by the Metrics group have been used to inform the metrics used in the framework.

Quality Assurance

Evidence from LKS quality assurance processes will be key to reviewing progress against the Evaluation Framework.

A QIG workstream is underway to review the current quality standards.

To understand the relationship between the Evaluation Framework and quality standards please see FAQs.

The Evaluation Framework and quality standards will be integrated into the HEE Quality Framework.