Enjoying a Staycation

In the past, you may have dismissed the idea of a staycation and planned a holiday away from your home. However, this year the idea of a staycation may be more appealing at the moment and written below are some ideas for what you can do whilst on your holistay.

First and foremost, even though you are at home, disconnect from work. Take time off, spend time doing the things that you enjoy and enjoy doing them at a reasonable pace. Do not be tempted to think that time away from the desk is time not well-spent because you cannot go to your usual holiday destination. Downtime allows us all time to think, reflect, switch-off…even sleep.

A staycation means no traffic jams, no leaving the dog in kennels, no discovering you have not packed all you need, no struggling to sleep in strange surroundings. If you cannot visit Stonehenge or St. Ives or the Giant’s Causeway this year, you can still explore them from your home.

Our friendship groups and family are incredibly important to us all and for some of us, we still need to keep in online contact with those people who are still shielding or vulnerable. There are many ways of connecting as I am sure we have all discovered. Why not stay connected using your favourite online platform and:

  • Play a murder mystery game.
  • Take part in a virtual escape room.
  • Join a quiz or bingo hosted by yourself or by a celebrity.
  • Host a book club or read a story together
  • Sing, dance, or act
  • Join a multi-player game online

I know as we went into lockdown we all thought we would have much more time to take up a new hobby, learn a new language, perfect our Pasodoble, or practice our saxophone playing….There are so many opportunities to learn something new. Listen to a podcast, join a short course, watch a YouTube clip.

Exploring your local area on your walks, I am sure has been different. I live in an urban setting, near a shopping centre but the lack of cars has meant that wildlife, plants, and birdlife have flourished. I have walked through a grassy area of butterflies, met cows and sheep in old earth-works, seen eggs hatch into goslings and cygnets, smelt wild garlic, seen a goldfinch and been in a cloud of willow seeds. We can now travel further-afield and continue to explore our beautiful countryside.

Some of the theatrical productions that I have seen online have been stunning. They have given us all an opportunity to explore new productions or a new genre knowing that we can simply switch-off if wanted. Sadly, as many of our concert venues or theatres are not able to open yet, we can still make use of the online offer.

To finish, a quote from the American author Anne Lamott

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes…including you”

Sue Robertson
Library and Knowledge Services Development Lead
HEE South West and HEE South East (Thames Valley and Wessex)

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