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So where’s the best place to go when someone contacts you and is looking for information to support a service transformation project? Or if you’re starting to think about supporting your local Sustainability & Transformation Plan (STP)?

I’m guessing Google isn’t the starting point. But I’m also wondering whether a routine HDAS search is the only option either. The number of potentially useful resources seems to be multiplying. Here are just a couple that I’m aware of:

The NHS Academy of Fabulous Stuff site – http://www.fabnhsstuff.net/search-fab-stuff/

NHS England Learning Environment – https://www.learnenv.england.nhs.uk/

Not everything, probably not even the majority of the projects/service changes/initiatives mentioned in these resources has been or ever will be written up in the professional literature, or there may be a lengthy time lag before they are. And not everything will be state-of-the-art best practice or subject to rigorous evidence-based evaluation criteria all the time. But what they are is real world examples of healthcare staff trying to change things for the better, with people on the end of them who can be contacted for a follow up conversation.

So what do you think? Worth checking out? Or just more racket in an already deafeningly noisy system? And have you got any examples to share?

Richard Marriott
Contracts & Quality Manager
Health Education England working across the East Midlands
Email: richard.marriott@nhs.net


3 thoughts on “Even more stuff

  1. Oh, I don’t know, there are worse starting places than Google, sometimes a quick .nhs.uk domain search is a good place to start – things like board papers and news stories can be useful, even if they aren’t the final word!

    I think particularly in relation to STPs, there’s also something about making friends (assuming you’re not already connected) with your local performance teams, to help ‘fill in the gaps’ and provide complementary information. So as you say, you might only manage to find a relatively low quality/unreliable case study or snippet of information rather than a beautifully constructed systematic review and meta analysis, but as part of an overall body of information that might be ok, as long as the limitations are understood (and it’s critically appraised as necessary!), it’s contributing to the most complete picture possible.

    Also, and I know this depends completely on capacity/timescales etc as to whether it’s feasible to contact people, but sometimes even a snippet of information (e.g. that trust X down the road has done a similar piece of transformation work) can be the lead your requester is looking for – and can get in touch with the relevant people – ‘connecting people to people’ in action…

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