Follow the money – auditing and reviewing the investment in LKS

Do we know where the money invested in NHS library and knowledge services comes from?

Do we know how much is invested?

We all have questions about the funding levels and whether it is appropriate for what is expected to be delivered as part of an NHS library and knowledge service.

Health Education England has commissioned CIBER Research Ltd. to carry out an audit/review with the aim of improving the effectiveness and value for money of these services to the NHS and associated bodies, their staff and learners. The review has three objectives:

  1. To analyse the existing data to determine whether, and how, the levels of funding are inequitable and whether inequity correlates to diminished quality of service for staff and learners.
  2. To review the current model of funding for Library and Knowledge Services across the NHS in England to determine if the model offers optimum value for money for HEE and NHS bodies.
  3. To present alternative funding models and identify all those organisations which could be co-funding services to reduce inequity and best support the implementation of Knowledge for Healthcare.

The work will answer the following questions:

  • Does the current model result in best use of resources?
  • What alternative models are there?
  • Which NHS bodies does HEE need to work with?
  • Which other non-NHS bodies does HEE need to work with?
  • What can be learned from existing data?
  • What is the relationship between funding and compliance with the NHS Library Quality Assurance Framework (LQAF)?

The work will be guided by the HEE Library and Knowledge Services Leads Equitable Funding Task and Finish Group with Linda Ferguson acting as project manager and is planned to complete in September 2016.

Members of the Task and Finish Group

Helen Bingham – HEE South

Andrew Brown – Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust

Rachel Cooke – Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust

Linda Ferguson (Chair) – HEE North

Louise Goswami – HEE Kent Surrey and Sussex

Charlie Leppington – Imperial College London

Richard Marriott – HEE East Midlands

With support from Sue Lacey-Bryant, Senior Advisor, Knowledge for Healthcare

3 thoughts on “Follow the money – auditing and reviewing the investment in LKS

  1. Victoria and Tracey

    Unfortunately there isn’t one single funding model. Funding for NHS LKS is largely historic and I’m afraid that there are fewer and fewer people around that remember how it all started.

    In the statistical returns I have noticed that increasingly Trusts are unable to identify the specific elements of funding.
    If you look at you can see the funding streams but if you check out the reports in the members area of the site you will see the “undefined” amount in income is growing at an alarming rate.

    Linda Ferguson

  2. I echo Victoria’s question – it would be really useful if the current funding model could be shared. As a relatively new manager, I understand my local position but don’t know how it works nationally.

  3. I would find it really helpful for my own understanding if someone could explain how funding currently works nationally?

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