For employers

A range of resources are available to assist employers in managing and developing their library and knowledge services and staff.

Guidance for senior managers responsible for library and knowledge services staff

Service and Role Development

Apprenticeship in Library, Information & Archive Services (Level 3)

Evidence and  Knowledge Self-Assessment Tool (Board Tool)

Resources for Role Design

Briefing for Academic Health Science Network Leads

Briefing for National Association of Primary Care

Policy for NHS funded Library and Knowledge services in England
Articulates Health Education England’s commitment to supporting and developing Library and Knowledge Services as an invaluable resource for the whole NHS workforce.

Knowledge for Healthcare
Setting strategic direction and priorities to transform NHS funded Library and Knowledge Services in England into business-critical services

Developing the library and knowledge services workforce

Professional Knowledge and Skills Base (PKSB) for health
The Professional Knowledge and Skills Base for Health is a crucial tool assisting library and knowledge staff in analysing their existing knowledge and skill sets and setting goals for future development and improvement.

Talent Management Toolkit
A range of resources to assist with maximising the potential of staff for developing within existing and future roles, and with succession planning.

Making a positive impact on healthcare

Specialist librarians bring the evidence to inform #AMillionDecisions across healthcare

#A Million Decisions
Campaigning for decisions in the healthcare sector to be fully evidence-based, calling on government and health service providers to employ and make use of the skills of librarians and knowledge specialists in meeting their obligations under The Health and Social Care Act 2012.

Interview with Dr Jonty Heaversedge, Chair of NHS Southwark CCG and Medical Director for Primary Care and Digital Transformation in London

enouraging you to find out more about what library and knowledge services have to offer and about their important role in supporting what you do in the NHS.

Impacting on the quality and productivity of healthcare
A range of narratives illustrating the impact of healthcare Library and Knowledge Services