Getting in the Zone…

Hello from the Learning Zone Task and Finish group!

We are part of Workforce Planning and Development and have been hard at work since July 2015 gathering together resources to develop a Learning Zone.

Our aim is to set up a resource to help NHS LKS staff improve their skills and knowledge and we’re hoping a working model of the Learning Zone will be up and running before Spring 2016.

So far we have:

  • Come up with a comprehensive list of skills to be included in the Learning Zone covering three main areas:
    1. generic;
    2. specialist/technical; and
    3. career/vocational skills
  • Started collecting resources in a master spreadsheet
  • Developed selection criteria to help us decide which resources to include (and exclude!)
  • Started envisaging what the Learning Zone might look like by considering examples from other organisations

Our goal is to make the Learning Zone as helpful and user-friendly as possible so NHS LKS staff can get to the information they need quickly and easily.

We will be putting out a call early in 2016 for submissions to the Learning Zone but if you have any suggestions in the meantime we would be very glad to consider them!

Please email your ideas to Sian Aynsley at or send us a tweet @KfHLearningZone

Kate Worrall, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust

Katy Oak, Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

Paula Elliott, Bolton NHS Foundation Trust

Sian Aynsley (Chair), Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Trust


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