Gift 11: Your one-stop-shop – the For Employers page #Knowledgeforelfcare

What is it?

The ‘For Employers’ page contains a range of resources available to assist employers in managing and developing their library and knowledge services staff. You can download ‘Guidance for Senior Managers’, the ‘Evidence and Knowledge Self-Assessment Tool’ (you heard more about this in Gift 1), ‘Resources for Role Design’ (featured as Gift 10), briefings for Academic Health Science Network Leads and the National Association of Primary Care. It’s also your first point of contact for key documents such as the Knowledge for Healthcare Framework, PKSB for Health and the #AMillionDecisions campaign.

What should you use it for?

If you’re an employer, you should use this page as your first point-of-call for workforce and staffing questions. If you want to read the policy for NHS funded library services in England or get some top tips on managing a library team – this is the place to go. The most useful links are grouped on this page. You might also want to familiarise yourself with narratives illustrating the impact of healthcare library and knowledge services (they’re great for social media and useful vignettes to have at hand when asked to show value and impact).

Links and useful resources

KfH Workstream

Workforce Planning and Development Group

Knowledge for Elfcare Slide deck

Download and view the presentation, click once to reveal the gift and again to find out more

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