Gift 12: Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night – Collaboration #Knowledgeforelfcare

What is it?

The Collaboration page is the home of a toolkit to help services engaged in mergers, alliances, amalgamations, and other close working practices. Health library and knowledge services have a strong track-record of sharing expertise and working across boundaries. Resource sharing and collaboration is in our DNA. How do we take this a step further? The toolkit is not a definitive guide how (or how not!) to combine services but rather highlights some common issues which you might encounter. It includes; an ABC guide, a template for library merger and collaboration case studies, two lots of case studies, a reading list and evidence search results.

What should you use it for?

The toolkit is designed to help guide library and knowledge service staff through the process of any type of joining or merger. The resource aims to develop and support service redesign – perhaps the best way is to learn from the practical experience of peers whose experiences (good and not so good) provide pragmatic advice. If you’re about to go through service change, are in the middle of a merger or on the other side and want to share your experiences this toolkit is a great place to start.

Links and useful resources

KfH Workstream

Workforce Planning and Development Group

Knowledge for Elfcare Slide deck

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