Gift 2: Get into the zone – the Learning Zone #Knowledgeforelfcare

What is it?

The Learning Zone signposts healthcare librarians and knowledge specialists to key online resources to support their professional and personal development. It is part of the Workforce Planning and Development work stream. Resources fall under three categories; Generic Skills, Specialist and Technical Skills and Career Pathway and Vocational Skills, and include blogs, books, courses, eLearning, journals, websites and more.

What should you use it for?

The purpose of the Learning Zone is to help NHS library staff “use the right knowledge and evidence, at the right time in the right place, enabling high-quality decision-making, learning, research and innovation to achieve excellent healthcare and health improvement.”

Whether you want to brush up on existing skills or learn something new, the Learning Zone is sure to be a good place to start.

Links and useful resources

Knowledge for Elfcare Slide deck

Download and view the presentation, click once to reveal the gift and again to find out more

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