Gift 7: Patients, Practice and the Public – the Ideas Bank #Knowledgeforelfcare

What is it?

The Ideas Bank is just that – a bank of examples of best practice from around the regions looking at how libraries are currently engaging with the public and patients supporting their health information needs. It includes ideas grouped by theme e.g. ‘internal staff partnerships’, ‘engagement with public libraries’ or ‘information literacy’, guidance for each theme and links to useful websites and award-winning examples.

What should you use it for?

If you’re unsure how to get involved in this area or have queries it is worth having a look at the Ideas Bank for inspiration – you might just find something you can replicate in your trust or be inspired to try after reading what others have done. It’s also useful if you want to do some research of your own as reliable websites for more information are included throughout.

Links and useful resources

KfH Workstream

Patient and Public Information (PPI)

Knowledge for Elfcare Slide deck

Download and view the presentation, click once to reveal the gift and again to find out more

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