Gift 8: Back to basics – the Best Practice Current Awareness guidelines #Knowledgeforelfcare

What is it?

Current Awareness services are highly valued, but time-consuming to do well. By sharing effort and expertise, we can continue to improve the quality, relevance and reach of the bulletins we produce. This simple guidance covers; current awareness basics, evaluating and reviewing, terminology, delivery format and design, evaluating information sources, content, abstracts and summaries, copyright and disclaimers.

What should you use it for?

These simple guidelines have been developed by librarians for librarians, to help ensure our current awareness outputs are both fit for purpose and good to share. If you’re embarking on a new current awareness service, or looking to refresh the ones you already deliver, it’s worth a look at the guide to ensure you’re producing something of the highest quality that meets your users needs in the most efficient way you can.

Links and useful resources

KfH Workstream

Resource Discovery Working Group (RDG)

Knowledge for Elfcare Slide deck

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