Health Information Week: a focus for 2020 needs

We all need information that we can trust, particularly in this time of Coronavirus. We also need to look after our well-being, whether our mental health or our physical health.

In response to these needs, the Health Information Week 2020 project team has decided to refocus the themes of the week to:

  • finding information you can trust;
  • and well-being.

Anticipating that most activity during Health Information Week is likely to be online, we will have a vibrant new web presence and a new logo.

We will signpost to a wide range of resources produced by partners, including those produced by members of the Patient Information Forum and listed by the Reading Agency.

If you have already set up activities using the previously suggested daily themes, do schedule these as appropriate, but the national focus is shifting in response to the national need.

More will follow with the refreshed online look for 2020.

Health Information Week 2020 project group

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