HEE Midlands and East Technology Enhanced Learning: Working Together in a Digital Future.

On the 27th February 2019 we attended the HEE Midlands and East Technology Enhanced Learning: Working Together in a Digital Future workshop.

Presentations can be found at https://padlet.com/lksandtel_me/lmyfqhxmvv62

The first from Dr Neil Ralph @DrNRalph, HEE National TEL Programme Manager, was titled “Embracing the digital revolution to educate and train in the NHS”. He argued that technology use is prevalent in society and among NHS staff. 80% of staff are currently using TEL, and 96% would do so if offered. He highlighted the success of e-LfH (e-Learning for Healthcare): 980,000 users; 24,000 sessions, and gave a tantalising glimpse of the forthcoming HEE Learning Solution. Slides are here.

Sue Lacey Bryant @SueLaceybryant, Topol Review Programme Manager, and Sangeetha Sornalingam @sangeetha104, GP and Clinical Fellow HEE, introduced the Topol Review: Preparing the healthcare workforce to deliver the digital future: https://topol.hee.nhs.uk/.  Patients will be at the centre of new technologies and be empowered to take greater charge of their care using digital tools.  Technology offer the gift of time, whereby clinicians will be able to spend more time with their patients. 

The four themes are genomics; artificial intelligence and robotics; digital medicine; and organisational development. TEL will play a vital role in preparing NHS staff for future developments in these areas. There  TOPOL says that ‘the adoption of digital healthcare should be grounded in compelling real-world evidence of clinical efficacy and cost effectiveness’ and that ‘healthcare professionals will need to access training resources and educational programme…to build their digital readiness;’ these are some of the fantastic opportunities for Library and Knowledge Services staff.  What will TEL and LKS look like in 2029 and how will we prepare? Slides are here

At the subsequent Midlands and East LKS Network Event on 16th May, Sue highlighted some recommendations.  Librarians and knowledge specialists need to keep a watching brief and consider how we can enable or support the wider workforce. 

As a minimum LKS need to be aware of developments to be able to signpost trusted sources to staff and the wider public, offer training in critical appraisal of sources to staff and the wider public and to inform the research taking place in this area.   There could also be a role for LKS in supporting digital skill development of the current workforce.

LKS has a key role in meeting the needs of current workforce providing space, signposting and support for CPD and lifelong learning.  OD5 and OD6 are key recommendation for LKS teams; they cover knowledge management and the dissemination of the evidence.  LKS can lead on enabling staff to learn from experience and develop and use systems to disseminate and learn from early adoption and share examples.

Richard Price @RichardPriceUK, Learning Technologies Advisor HEE, gave a thought provoking presentation on “Artificial Intelligence: hype vs. reality”. What is a myth and what isn’t was actually quite surprising.  He spoke about different types  artificial intelligence, some of which contain a human element and others which didn’t, and explained that human adaptability is somewhat behind the pace of technological development  Slides are here.

Andi Blackmore, HEE E-LfH Project Manager, gave a deeper update on e-LfH (e-Learning for Healthcare): including its design and development process. Slides are here.

There was also a Randomised Coffee Trial, where we were paired to share knowledge with someone we hadn’t met before, and a Knowledge Café on shaping the Midlands and East TEL network. It was interesting to see how TEL staff in the NHS are seeking to develop networks along the lines of those that already exist for LKS staff.

TEL staff are possibly an even smaller professional group within the NHS than LKS staff. However we all come under the same HEE umbrella and we share the same aim to improve the skills and knowledge of all NHS staff. We are natural allies.

Stephen Ayre & Richard Bridgen


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