Introducing “Knowledge for Elfcare – 12 gifts from the Knowledge for Healthcare programme” #Knowledgeforelfcare

Last year the HEE Knowledge Management* team forced some festive fun on you all in the shape of the “Knowledge Management Advent”. I think you enjoyed us spamming your mailing lists and twitter feeds so much that I’ve decided to create another tool. This year I’ll be delivering 12 gifts from the Knowledge for Healthcare programme and have badged it “Knowledge for Elfcare” (I’m hoping you know by now that I appreciate a good pun). Knowledge for Elfcare will showcase all the hard work you have done to create resources, toolkits and guidance as part of Knowledge for Healthcare’s programmes: Quality and Impact; Resource Discovery; Patient and Public Involvement; Mobilising Evidence and Organisational Knowledge and Workforce Planning and Development. I’m hoping it will help everyone see just how much work has been done as well as being a helpful reminder of the tools and resources available.

Every Monday-Friday starting 3rd December until the 20th I’ll share a gift from the Knowledge for Healthcare elves on the blog. The post will include an overview of what the tool is, what it should be used for and useful links. As with last year I will make the whole interactive slide deck available on the first day – so you could open all the presents there and then, but then you’d only be ruining it for yourselves.

By the 20th December I’ll have shared 12 gifts from the Knowledge for Healthcare programme and you will have the slide deck to keep, update and re-use (if you want to just use the template as a fun way to promote library resources that is totally fine).

I hope you find this bit of festive fun useful. Look out for Gift number 1 on Monday 3rd December on the blog and join in the fun on Twitter using #Knowledgeforelfcare.

Katie Nicholas

Social Media and Communications Elf


*Emily Hopkins did not approve this festive message in November

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