Using Evidence and Knowledge Self-Assessment Tool

People sat around a tableA simple framework has been developed for health organisations to assess opportunities to make better use of knowledge as an asset.  Often referred to as “The Board Tool”  this framework enables a dialogue between a representative of a library and knowledge service and senior executives in a health organisation to see how they are currently using external evidence and organisational knowledge and to devise an action plan to help the organisation develop best practice with targeted support.

Introductory Letter

Background Information

Using Evidence and Knowledge Self Assessment Tool 

The tool can also be used to help inform evidence and knowledge strategy and to support individuals and departments to assess their use of evidence and knowledge.

Help to use the tool

To find out more about the tool or for support using the tool attend refresher training sessions or contact your local Knowledge Mobilisation Champion:

London & KSS: Rachel CookeLouise Goswami

Midlands & East : Laura WilkesLesley AllenStephen Ayre

North:  Emily HopkinsJoanne Naughton,

South: Alison Day,  Sue Robertson

Supporting Documents

Development of the Evidence and Knowledge Self Assessment Tool

Guidance: How to use the Evidence and Knowledge Self-Assessment Tool

Flyer about the Self Assessment Tool

Priorities and planning template.  Section 4 of the Tool with space for you to add your own examples of local good practice to promote when having your conversations.

Webinar about Evidence and Knowledge Self-Assessment

Learning drama demonstrating the tool being introduced to a senior transformation team. To see further dramas about using the tool and discussing the action plan please visit the Knowledge Mobilisation Framework E-Learning Programme.

Sample of a completed self assessment tool  Example of a completed self-assessment tool based on a fictional meeting with a senior transformation team of an NHS Trust in England

Action card to plan your self-assessment

For more information about the development of this tool please contact Louise Goswami or Sue Lacey-Bryant, Leads for the Mobilising Evidence and Knowledge Work Stream.