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Learning Zone – Knowledge Management

The Learning Zone signposts NHS library staff to key online resources which support their professional and personal development, and has been created by the Workforce Planning and Development workstream of Knowledge for Healthcare.

Please see the Learning Zone KM page for many useful resources.


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The Oxford Review – Can knowledge management really change organisational culture? by David Wilkinson

Bartlett, Jennifer A. Creating a Knowledge Infrastructure: KM in Libraries Library Leadership & Management Vol 30, No 3 (2016)

Corfield, Alison; Paton, Rob Investigating knowledge management: can KM really change organisational culture? Journal of Knowledge Management 20.1 (2016): 88-103.

Books & Reports

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Building a knowledge enabled NHS for the future


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The Knowledge Management Framework for Health Informatics provides a set of tools and techniques to help people to learn before, during and after everything they do so that good practice can be replicated and pitfalls are avoided – postcards

KM Stories Reading List

Find out more about how to tell and use stories using the following resources:

Brophy, P (2004) Narrative-based Librarianship This is a pre-publication version of a paper published in The area of information and social communication: Festschrift for Professor Wanda Pindlova. (Studies in Library and Information Science Vol. 10) Krakow: Jagiellonian University Press, 2004. pp. 188-195.

Brophy, P (2009) Narrative-based Practice: Farnham, Ashgate.

Fuda, P (2014) 6 Principles for Communicating Your Story

Fuda, P (2014) 10 Benefits of Communicating Through Story

MindTools (2014) Business Storytelling: Using Stories to Inspire Available at: 

HBR Blog Network (2011) The art of purposeful storytelling Available at:

HBR Blog Network (2014) The irresistible power of storytelling as a strategic business tool Available at:

HBR Blog Network (2014) Using stories to persuade Available at:

HBR Blog Network (2014) How to tell a great story Available at:

NHS Improving Quality (2014) Learning Handbook: Storytelling Available at: