Contributing local information to national electronic resources

Library and information staff should be encouraged to feed into National electronic resources to assist with knowledge and information sharing and innovation. This can be contributing case studies, do once and share initiatives or contributing to National resource delivery such as current awareness bulletins. Sharing best practice is a great way to drive up standards in the profession. There is also the ability to link local guidelines and policies within electronic resources such as The Royal Marsden Manual online and Clinical Skills which helps to improve the visibility of local evidence-based guidance.

There are a range of communication channels available to facilitate sharing and contributions: NHS library innovations NHS librarians innovations database Patients and public health ideas bank Workforce network

KnowledgeShare KnowledgeShare connects health care staff with their local NHS library and knowledge service. Registered users can also use KnowledgeShare to find colleagues with shared interests, helping to spread innovation and collaborate on service improvement. Visit website HERE

LIS-MEDICAL@JISCMAIL.AC.UK NHS librarians email list