Knowledge harvesting


A structured approach to help an organisation understand and record the knowledge and experience of people, often before they leave or move roles. A facilitator interviews the leaver then organises and packages the resulting knowledge into a knowledge asset to be published for the use of others taking over the role.

Knowledge Harvesting resources

Knowledge Harvesting – Knowledge Mobilisation Framework Postcard
Maintain quality during the transition – Preparing for handover
Organisational Transition PowerPoint – Retaining and sharing knowledge within organisational transition
Enabling business continuity in a time of transition PowerPoint – Effective transfer of knowledge to successors


Rachel Cooke at Surrey & Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust has developed a Leavers toolkit which aims to “reduce the time and expense lost through the lack of continuity in critical, team, departmental and corporate  knowledge,i.e. prevent the loss of knowledge that occurs when someone moves to a new role or leaves the organisation altogether”

Click here for more information: KRT-Toolkit-for-Leavers-SaSH-version-2.1

DoH Self-Harvest – Checklist approach to performing a self-harvest