Knowledge Management Stories

Below are all our Knowledge Management Stories. Visit the KM Goals, Tools and Techniques page to see how they relate to the Knowledge for Healthcare KM goals.

More stories will be added soon.

KM Stories from the MAP Toolkit

The following stories were originally produced by the MAP Toolkit team, co-ordinated by Susan Smith from Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

These tales show how information professionals can help make improvements by linking problems with solutions, or making introductions between people which then create or have the potential to create change. Knowledge management doesn’t need to be a big scary project, it is something that we do naturally without thinking, particularly if you work on the front line counter. The stories here are to provide inspiration and share the everyday good work we do.

We would like to thank the MAP Toolkit team, in particular Susan, for their work creating these, and for generously allowing the Stories to be transferred here.

Share your story!

Please use the KM Story Template to tell us your knowledge management story and how you’re achieving the KM goals.

The template is designed to give a short case study overview of your initiative or project. If you have any additional documents that are relevant to the story (such as a report, examples of work or photographs), please feel free to include these as attachments and these can be included as an appendix to your KM story. You can send your completed case study to the KM group, or contact us with any questions at