Sharing knowledge to increase engagement

Susan Smith from Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust highlights how sharing her experiences from a conference with non-library colleagues helped her to make connections and raise the library profile.

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In February 2013, I attended the CILIP Umbrella Conference in Manchester.  Normally when I attend a conference I write up little articles on each talk and share around the library staff.  This time I spread the word to targeted colleagues within the Trust e.g. social media to the communications team, talk from the Information Commission to Integrated Governance and e-learning to Post Graduate, Practice Education Facilitators and Learning & Development.

In response to the shared learning, I received the usual thank you and some follow up questioning.  Integrated Governance however took it a stage further and asked me to present and discuss my views on the presentation with their Information Governance team.  At that point we weren’t embedded in the organisation and it helped provide an introduction to key people in the team and improve relations with them.  The actual project planned from the initial discussion fell through, but it still has improved library standing within the organisation.