During the month of November, librarians and knowledge specialists showcase the many ways they mobilise evidence and knowledge enabling people to learn before, during and after everything they do so that good practice can be replicated and pitfalls are avoided.

It is an opportunity to encourage more people working in the NHS to apply and use evidence, build know-how, continue to learn and drive innovation to implement successful change, transform services and improve the quality of care.


The first showcase was run in 2018.  Two project teams ran a series of four regional events in September  for  health librarians and knowledge specialists to meet face to face.  The aim  was to encourage the sharing of knowledge and ideas around knowledge management and generate interest in a campaign to be run in November.  A blog post was promoted on a dedicated Twitter account and a Twitter chat held in October.  Branding was created.  A pledge wall was established and librarians and knowledge specialists were invited to pledge to carry out some form of knowledge management activity during the month of November.  During the month a knowledge management community of practice mailing list was established.  Find out more about Knowvember18


During KNOWvember20 a number of activities are taking place.  Four virtual showcase sessions are being held throughout the month featuring presentations from a wide-range of speakers to stimulate ideas about how knowledge can be mobilised.  In addition there will be a #ukmedlibs chat and a series of interviews with knowledge specialists within and external to the NHS.  All recordings and further information can be found on the KNOWvember20 YouTube Channel or within the virtual delegate packs:

KNOWvember20 Showcase 1:  To share is to care: sharing practice, increasing skills, generating ideas.  

KNOWvember20 Showcase 2: Knowledge Mobilisation standards.  How do you develop skills to make knowledge mobilisation activity part of your standard every-day business?

KNOWvember20 Showcase 3: By stealth or grand design?  Influencing the knowledge sharing culture of an NHS organisation

KNOWvember20 Showcase 4: The digital workplace.  Where does this leave knowledge mobilisation – how to encourage spontaneous knowledge sharing when working remotely?