Webinars and Training Resources


Visit the NHS Knowledge Mobilisation Framework E-learning to access modules introducing eleven techniques  designed to help individuals to develop and use skills to mobilise knowledge effectively in their organisations – to help them to learn before, during and after everything that they do so that pitfalls can be avoided and best practice replicated.  The Knowledge Mobilisation Postcards accompany the e-learning.

Training resources from face-to-face training

In March and April 2017 representatives from Library and Knowledge Services across England met together to receive training about Mobilising Evidence and Organisational Knowledge with a view to cascading this training to their regional colleagues. Here are the training resources used in those sessions.

For the cascade in the South face-to-face sessions were supplemented by a series of recorded webinars introducing a selection of knowledge management techniques.

Recordings and slides from a series of webinars exploring various Knowledge Management Tools and Techniques:

Webinar One: Peer Assist held 11th September 2017 and slides

Webinar Two: Knowledge Harvesting held 29th September 2017 and slides

Webinar Three: Communities of Practice held 4th October 2017 and slides

Webinar Four: Retrospect held 9th October 2017 and slides

Webinar Five: Self-Assessment Tool held 30th October 2017 and slides

Webinar Six: Innovation Database held 8th November 2017 and slides

Webinar Seven: Keeping people up-to-date held 12th December 2017 Slides

Webinar Eight: Connecting People to Best Practice: Knowledge Assets held  14th December 2017 and slides

Aims and Objectives from the Cascade Training
  • Participants are able to share the message and engage librarians and knowledge specialists and healthcare staff to better mobilise evidence and share knowledge
  • Healthcare librarians and knowledge specialists will feel confident to initiate and undertake knowledge management activities in their everyday work


  • Set the context for prioritising KM in our work
  • Raise awareness of opportunities for professional development
  • Promote our online Knowledge Management Toolkit
  • Launch the Board self-assessment tool
  • Promote e-learning and the Knowledge Management postcards
  • Connect participants to a community of practice
  • Initiate an active programme of work by NHS librarians and knowledge specialists in England to better mobilise evidence and organisational knowledge


A series of four regional face-to-face events were held in September 2018.  Visit the #Knowvember page to find out more and access the agendas and slides.