Webinars and Training Resources


On the 17th March 2017 25 representatives from Library and Knowledge Services across England met together to receive training about Mobilising Evidence and Organisational Knowledge.

Mobilising Evidence and Organisational Knowledge Cascade Training Resources Version 3
Recordings and slides from a series of webinars exploring various Knowledge Management Tools and Techniques:

Webinar One: Peer Assist held 11th September 2017 and slides

Webinar Two: Knowledge Harvesting held 29th September 2017 and slides

Webinar Three: Communities of Practice held 4th October 2017 and slides

Webinar Four: Retrospect held 9th October 2017 and slides

Webinar Five: Self-Assessment Tool held 30th October 2017 and slides

Webinar Six: Innovation Database held 8th November 2017 and slides

Webinar Seven: Keeping people up-to-date held 12th December 2017 Slides

Webinar Eight: Connecting People to Best Practice: Knowledge Assets held  14th December 2017 and slides

Aims and Objectives from the Cascade Training
  • Participants are able to share the message and engage librarians and knowledge specialists and healthcare staff to better mobilise evidence and share knowledge
  • Healthcare librarians and knowledge specialists will feel confident to initiate and undertake knowledge management activities in their everyday work


  • Set the context for prioritising KM in our work
  • Raise awareness of opportunities for professional development
  • Promote our online Knowledge Management Toolkit
  • Launch the Board self-assessment tool
  • Promote e-learning and the Knowledge Management postcards
  • Connect participants to a community of practice
  • Initiate an active programme of work by NHS librarians and knowledge specialists in England to better mobilise evidence and organisational knowledge