Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

Documenting the policies, procedures and guidelines of a Trust or network is an important means for securing consistent, safe and high quality care.  Practice in the creation and management of these documents can be highly variable.  In many cases arrangements for sharing in particular have been haphazard and left busy healthcare practitioners scrabbling for the current version.

Library & Knowledge Services (LKS) are bringing their skills and experience to bear right through the processes around these documents – from supporting the ongoing evidence requirements to providing a hosting platform and supporting effective retrieval.

This toolkit  examines some of the ways that LKS teams are working in an embedded way in this area and provides a wide range of examples of how your service might deepen its involvement.

The evidence base for this toolkit draws on

·         Research articles from a search of the HDAS databases (MEDLINE, EMBASE, CINAHL, PsycINFO, AMED, British Nursing Index,  HMIC and Health Business Elite)

·         Hand searches of HLG Conferences back to 2008 and proceeds of a Guidelines Study Day – What’s new and the librarian’s role on 3rd November 2015 at Glenfield Hospital, Leicester.

·    A survey of NHS LKS seeking examples of good practice.

Interviews were carried out to explore the best practice volunteered by LKS.  A selection of case studies are presented that cover practical approaches and, where applicable, impact of the work.

Library involvement has been explored across three themes:

1.      Literature Searching

2.      Hosting/process management

3.       Implementation/cultural shift


If you wish to discuss the contents of the toolkit or have carried out work locally that you think should be reflected within it please contact one of the authors:

Stephen Ayre, Alan Fricker, Helene Gorring, David Low, Joanne Naughton, Richard Parker, Susan Smith, Sarah Stones