CILIP and Vocational Qualifications

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Thing 10 – Graduate Traineeships, Masters Degrees, Chartership, Accreditation (23 Things)

23 Things’ blog post focusing on vocational traineeships in library work [Last checked: 01/06/2018]

Researcher’s Corner: Comparative Employability of ALA and CILIP Accredited Degrees (Hiring Librarians)

Research project comparing UK and US library qualifications [Last checked: 01/06/2018]

3 quick tips for CILIP revalidation

Having recently gone through the process of revalidating my Chartership, I thought I’d share three tips, things that worked well for me or that I will be doing differently in future and that might just help you. [Last checked: 01/06/2018]

Revalidation, or an information professional’s CPD is never done

Explanation of revalidation process by Emily Hopkins [Last checked: 01/06/2018]

Revalidation: a work in progress

Explanation of revalidation process by Matt Holland [Last checked: 01/06/2018]

Future Library and Information Professionals (FLIP) Network

Are you an aspiring librarian? Are you currently a graduate trainee or paraprofessional considering an LIS degree? Are you wanting to become a professional in the information sector but not sure how to get started? If you said yes to any of these, then FLIP is the network for you. [Last checked: 01/06/2018]


Ruddock, B (2012) The New Professional’s Toolkit, Facet Publishing << check your library >>

This practical toolkit will be your guide towards career success and fulfilment as you make your way in the information sector. [Last checked: 01/06/2018]


Revalidation in action (see p 23)

Report from Tracey Pratchett on her journey to CILIP revalidation [Last checked: 01/06/2018]

Social Media

Chartership Chat

Twitter hashtag used to discuss CILIP Chartership issues [Last checked: 01/06/2018]


CILIP Accredited Qualifications

A list of institutions providing courses accredited by CILIP [Last checked: 01/06/2018]

CILIP Graduate Traineeships

Information on graduate traineeships from CILIP [Last checked: 01/06/2018]

CILIP Vocational Qualifications

CILIP website focusing on vocational qualifications in library work [Last checked: 01/06/2018]

Starting a Library and Information Career (CILIP)

Whatever your background, there is a role in the library, information and knowledge management community for you. Here is some advice on how to get started. [Last checked: 01/06/2018]