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Hiring Librarians: Librarian Interview Questions Repository

Blog post linking to a spreadsheet of user-generated librarian interview questions. [Last checked: 20/02/20]

Hiring Librarians: What Should Candidates Wear

Tips on what to wear to library interviews from hiring managers. [Last checked: 20/02/20]

Nailing the Librarian Interview (Mr Library Dude)

Blog post covering librarian interview questions, job postings and pitfalls to avoid. [Last checked: 20/02/20]

Preparing for Tough Interview Questions: Tips from TRAK Records & Library (Special Library Association)

A guest SLA blog post by national recruiters for TRAK Records & Library focusing on interviews for librarian posts. Note: This website does not work on some versions of Internet Explorer.  [Last checked: 20/02/20]


Finucan, J. (2017) Interview Strategy: the next move is yours, LID Publishing

The premise behind ‘Interview Strategy’ is that we are all CEOs of our own personal companies. Offering direct advice on how to face stressful interviews the book will unveil techniques of preparation that will give anyone who reads it a real reason to be confident. Using questions and answer exercises, Finucan prepares the interviewer for the verbal exam they will face while also offering insight into career direction. [Last checked: 20/02/20]

Foxworth, D. J. (2019) Landing a Library Job, Rowman and Littlefield

Are you a librarian looking to change jobs or a recent or soon-to-be library and information studies graduate breaking into the field? [Last checked: 20/02/2020]

Hodgson, S. (2014) Brilliant Answers to Tough Interview Questions (5th ed), Pearson Education 

With over 200 of the most commonly-asked questions and ideal answers, this is the book that will make sure that you are ready to handle anything an interviewer throws at you. [Last checked: 20/02/20]

Innes, J. (2015) The Interview Question and Answer Book: how to be ready to answer the 155 toughest interview questions (2nd ed), Pearson Education

Written by one of the UK’s leading careers experts and bestselling author of The Interview Book, this definitive guide to questions and answers encourages every job-hunter to think on your feet and express your individuality whilst supplying ideal responses to interview questions so that you’re seen as the ideal candidate for the job. [Last checked: 20/02/20]

Jay, R. (2014) How To Succeed In Any Interview (3rd ed), Pearson Education 

This book will show you how to present yourself as the best candidate for the job, using proven tips, advice and techniques from the experts to guide you through exactly what interviewers want to see and what impresses them most. [Last checked: 20/02/20]

Lees, J. (2011) The Interview Expert: How To Get the Job You Want, Pearson Education 

Written by the UK’s most well-respected expert, this is THE definitive guide to job interviews, covering absolutely everything you’ll ever need to know about the whole process – from planning and preparing to delivering a winning performance – in one, easy to- read and easy-to-access guide to success. [Last checked: 20/02/20]

Reed, J. (2017) Why You? 101 interview questions you’ll never fear again (revised ed), Penguin

Learn the secrets to excelling at interview, direct from top interviewers and recruiters, in Why You? by James Reed, chairman of recruitment specialists REED. You can’t prepare an answer for every interview question. So, of the thousands of questions they might ask, which ones will they ask? After extensive research among hundreds of interviewers and thousands of interviewees, finally here’s the book that will give you the answer. [Last checked: 20/02/20]

Pantry, S. and Griffiths, P. (2003) Your Essential Guide to Career Success (2nd ed), Facet Publishing 

This book is an essential read for any information professional eager to prosper in the library and information environment of the 21st century. It offers guidance on managing every stage of your career, whether you are a new entrant to the profession wishing to know how to get a foot on the ladder, an information professional in mid-career wishing to progress, or a candidate for a more senior position needing a view of the current state of the profession. [Last checked: 20/02/20]


NHS Jobs: Managing the Interview

Advice from NHS Jobs on interviewing well. [Last checked: 20/02/20]

Top 10 Librarian Interview Questions with Answers (SlideShare)

Interview materials for library such as library situational interview, library behavioral interview, library phone interview, library interview thank you letter and library interview tips. [Last checked: 20/02/20]